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    To ensure our children succeed, we desire to connect parents, teachers, staff, administration, and community!

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    Ringgold Elementary School North PTA sponsors many events and programs during the school year.

    PTA membership does not obligate anyone to get directly involved, but we absolutely encourage it!

    • Heather Kerr, President
    • Nicole Brindle, Vice President
    • Sarah Fortuna, Treasurer
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    Many studies have shown and proved that parent/guardian involvement directly impacts our children:

    “Parent involvement in education is crucial. No matter their income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school.”

    National Coalition for Parent Involvement in education. 2006. Research Review and Resources. Retrieved September 16, 2011, from www.ncpie.org/WhatsHappening/researchJanuary2006.cfm.

    “When parents are involved at school, the performance of all the children at school, not just their own, tends to improve. The more comprehensive and well planned the partnership between school and home, the higher the student achievement.”

    Henderson, A.T., and Nancy Berla. 1995. A New Generation of Evidence: The Family Is Critical to Student Achievement. Washington, DC: Center for Law and Education, 14–16.

    By joining the RESN PTA, you will automatically become a member of both the Pennsylvania and National PTA.

    We strive to create a coalition of parents, families, administrators, teachers, staff, and community members - whose common goal upholds the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of all children and youth.