Ringgold School Police Department

  • The Ringgold School District Police Department is a state recognized police department, with the assigned Pennsylvania ORI 0635800.

    The primary mission of the department is the safety and security of Ringgold School District students, staff, and faculty.  The secondary mission of the department is to provide all law enforcement services for the Ringgold School District.

    The jurisdiction of the department is within all schools, buildings, and upon all property of the school district.  That jurisdiction also applies to all buses and official transportation of the Ringgold School District no matter the physical location of the vehicle.

    The department employs six (6) sworn, armed police officers and three (3) armed truancy/security officers throughout the district during the school day. 

    The Ringgold School District Police Department trains all students, staff, and faculty in ALICE procedures at the beginning of every school year.  ALICE is a nationally accredited violent intruder training program.  Please click HERE for more information on ALICE.

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    Police Department Administration Team

    Chief of Police: Clayton Shell

    Police Sergeant: Nevin Beatty

    School Police Officer: Andy Lisiecki

    School Police Officer: Jeff Ogrodowski

    School Police Officer: Paul Zubovic

    School Police Officer: Kirk Stinner


    Senior Security Advisor and Truancy Officer: Thomas Thompson

    Truancy and Security Officer:  David Herchelroath

    Truancy and Security Officer:  Eric Helmick


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any members of our department.