• School Boards 101:  A Resource for your Community

    Members of the public may have all kinds of ideas about what a school board does. Providing information that clarifies the board’s authority or describes what happens at a board meeting can help ease some of the tensions that stem from misconceptions and foster a productive relationship between the board and the community. One helpful resource is the School Boards 101 webpage on the Great Pennsylvania Schools campaign website. In a question-and-answer format, the page briefly defines the school board’s role, authority and responsibility. It also outlines the board’s legal obligation to operate in accordance with the Sunshine Law and describes how the public can participate at a board meeting. Additionally, it addresses school board elections and how vacancies are handled. In addition to the Q&A section, there also are two brief videos on this webpage titled, “What to Expect at a School Board Meeting” and “What Is a School Board?” that may be helpful to share with your community.