SAP (Student Assistance Program)

  • The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a service designed to help students who are having difficulty experiencing success in school. Students may be referred to SAP by parents, teachers, administrators, or other students.  

    Situations such as grief or loss, divorce, addictions, and stress/anxiety can contribute to this lack of success. A drop in grades, irregular attendance, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, chronic disciplinary problems, etc., may indicate a need for the type of help that the SAP team will provide.

    SAP consists of teams made up of teachers, counselors, principals, and a nurse. The teams meet regularly to develop interventions to assist the student. Discussions are kept in confidence. Once a plan is organized, a member of the team meets with the student and contact his/her family. Suggestions are made to help resolve the problem and thus open the way to a more successful social and academic life at school.

    Every member of the team is trained in the Student Assistance Model. For more information:

    If you would like to make a confidential referral, please contact the school counseling office.


    Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services (SPHS) 1-877-225-3567 

    SPHS provides a Crisis Telephone Service: Immediate response to callers on a 24/7 basis. The professional staff assists callers by offering assessment, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, crisis resolution and referral to a vast array of local agencies and support groups. All referrals for Crisis Intervention Services come through the Crisis Telephone Service by calling 1-877-225-3567. The crisis telephone staff will determine priority and initial referral to the appropriate level of crisis services.